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ชนิดกระทู้ ผู้เขียน กระทู้: Thaitrade.com Training a New Generation of E-Commerce Assistants  (อ่าน 9 ครั้ง)
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Thaitrade.com, operated by the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce, the Royal Thai Government, in cooperation with Amazon Global Selling (Thailand), DHL Express International (Thailand) Limited and International College of Rangsit University launched the “Thaitrade.com’s Young e-Entrepreneurs” Project.
Mr. Wittayakorn Maneenetr, Deputy Director General of the Department of International Trade Promotion, presided as chairman during the opening ceremony on 25 January 2019
at the Auditorium, 11th Building, International College of Rangsit University, Pathum Thani Province.

Mr. Wittayakorn Maneenetr, stated that the “Thaitrade.com’s Young e-Entrepreneurs” Project is aimed at extending opportunities to Thai Entrepreneurs who are seller members on Thaitrade.com, the Department’s B2B2C international e-marketplace. We have been able to identify the pain points which the Thai business owners encounter when they want to shift their international online sales from wholesale (B2B) to retail (B2C). Having new generations of university students who are familiar with the use of technology to be trained and guided by our
e-commerce partners will alleviate these pain points. For this pilot project, we are working closely with the global leading e-commerce players, including DHL Express, Amazon.com, to groom undergraduate students from the International College of Rangsit University to become the army of e-Commerce assistants for Thai business owners, starting with Thaitrade.com’s members who, to an extent, are already e-commerce ready.

In this regard, the Department has gone through a process of selecting 10 Thai business owners who are Thaitrade.com’s seller members in the product categories of apparel, mother and baby products, as well as automotive accessories to participate in the Project. More categories will be later added to the next project to serve a wider range of business owners considering this is a mere pilot project. It is the Department’s vision is to see this Project be duplicated and amplified to a bigger audience of Thai business owners and more young generation of e-commerce assistants across universities in Thailand. After all, the digital marketing is no longer just a tool towards paving the road to productive business, but it has become an indispensable marketing arm to operate successful businesses.”, Mr. Wittayakorn said.

Ms. Chananyarak Phetcharat, Managing Director of DHL Express International (Thailand) Limited, said, “A key obstacle for Thai entrepreneurs looking to enter the international e-commerce market is the lack of understanding in international logistics. As the world’s leading international express service provider, DHL Express is happy to share our expertise and knowledge about transportation cost, shipment process, regulations that vary between countries, and how entrepreneurs can leverage logistics to differentiate their offerings and create positive buying experience for their customers. In e-commerce, many overlook the importance of logistics and try to reduce their spend on logistics. In fact, if entrepreneurs understand how logistics works and know how to leverage it, for example, in determining pricing strategy and creating good customer review from the express delivery, they can create trust and encourage repeat purchases. Hence, logistics plays a vital role in growing sustainable businesses in e-commerce.”

Ms. Jarusatree Sukkasem, Head of the Business Development,Amazon Global Selling (Thailand), stated that “At Amazon, we see the potential of Thai products and recognize that they are in demand in the U.S. market. We want to empower Thai sellers to explore international markets. However, we have identified several key barriers such as language proficiency, ability to transition from B2B to B2C business and experience in online marketing that currently limit Thai seller’s ability to expand globally. With support from young entrepreneurs in this project, it will certainly help sellers address those barriers as well as enabling them to effectively utilize Amazon global solutions to take their business to the next level.

Rangsit University International College, represented by Associate Professor and Dean Kritsada Sriphaew, mentioned that “We are honored to be a chosen University. It is such an insightful project for RIC students to receive the opportunities to learn through actually working for companies which corresponds with the University’s policy of emphasizing more on the activity-based form away from lecture-based learning. This is definitely deemed a good experience to be able to learn from leading companies like DHL and Amazon.com, as well as Thaitrade.com operated by the Department of International Trade Promotion. We greatly appreciate your support provided by the government body. We expect our students participating in this Project will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to be ready to compete in the IT world of digital disruption.”

For Thai Entrepreneurs who are interested in the Project or wish to register with Thaitrade.com, please ask for additional details in relation to Thaitrade.com at 02-507-7825, or Call Center 1169, or www.facebook.com/ThaiTradedotcom, or contact@thaitrade.com.

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